Never Above You, Never Below You, Always Beside You | Veterans Day

This blog post is three days late, nearly four; I’m ashamed to even say that because this should have been written on Veterans Day…not today. However, in all actuality, shouldn’t Veterans Day be an everyday thing? I think so. Because our freedom is an everyday thing. If it weren’t for the incredibly selfless and brave and dedicated men and women, well, we just wouldn’t have what we have now.

I read another blog post that discussed how this Veterans Day lacked acknowledgement from fellow citizens, maybe even our country as a whole. To be quite honest, it’s true. Where were the countless posts thanking those who have dedicated a portion of their very life to defend our country? On the bright side, I know that there are people in the world that support our veterans and do give their thanks; this is something that I’ll hold onto otherwise I’d just be tremendously disappointed in America.

Thank you to all veterans; those that are currently serving and those who have served. Your bravery, sacrifice, and dedication to this country is something that should never be forgotten; it should always be remembered and honored. Thank you to my dad who served; my great-grandfather; my grandfather; my uncles; my friends; and my mentors — I can’t wait to join your ranks and be apart of something far greater than myself.

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